Bucketlist To Explore San Francisco

10692152_things-to-do-in-san-francisco-in-the-spring_t1c1635b7San Francisco is a hilly city located in Northern California and has a bit of everything in it. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a local this place is worth falling in love with. It has so much in store that everybody can find something or the other to love about this place. It is a place for food lovers, adventure sports, music lovers, wine connoisseurs, artists and even for those with dancing shoes. Here are a few ideas that are a once in a lifetime experience and must be on your bucket list of things to do in San Francisco.

Irish Coffee: At The Buena Vista, famous bartender Larry Nolan serves thousands of Irish coffee each day using a recipe that has been perfected way back in 1952. The technique, quality and quantity are impressive.

16th Avenue: Creativity at its best, the 16th avenue steps are a neighborhood project that created beautiful mosaic artwork on 163 stairs and one can marvel at its colorful features of turquoise waves, vibrant sea animals and bright birds. Climb up the steps as you enjoy the fascinating artwork along with a pretty good workout. It is located in a residential area.

Molecular Gastronomy meal: Now this is something you don’t come across every day. The chefs here at Atelier Crenn restaurant have worked and explored the scientific principles behind the physical and chemical transformation of ingredients and have masterfully created an 18-course tasting menu that although pricey at $220 will be a meal you will never ever forget in your lifetime.

Bike across the Golden Gate: Biking across the Golden Gate probably sounds like something too ordinary but it is a thrilling experience. One can take their bikes or rent one out easily. Blazing Saddles is a well-known company that rents out bikes and guides you through an 8-mile tour. Once you have rented a bike, you may even enjoy a self-guided trip.

Escape games: Real Escape Game is a live puzzle that is challenging and brought to San Francisco from Japan. The participants have to solve puzzles and riddles to find their way out of a locked room in a limited period of time.

Trampoline dodgeball: House of Air has an 8000 square feet trampoline space that is the perfect space for a bouncy game of dodgeball. One may either join their weekly leagues or bounce into the hourly dodgeball sessions.

Crookedest street: Lombard street might not be the most crooked street as it claims to be, but is sure is the most popular as the most crooked street in San Francisco with 8 zigzag bends and 350 cars driving down the street every hour. One may even choose to walk down this steep 600 feet long road.

Alcatraz at night: Alcatraz island was earlier a military prison that is one and a half miles away from the mainland. As creepy as it is during the day, an evening tour of the place will send chills down the spine. This place has about 1.5 million visitors every year so make sure to book ahead as the spots fill up real fast.

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